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The Great Path of Awakening Part II

November 17 - 19, 2017

Price: 150 (suggested donation to cover the fix costs)

Seven points of mind training as a basis for buddhist practice in our daily life

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Mind training is the very heart of the dharma: Bodhicitta, the enlightened mind for the benefit of all beings. The „Seven points of mind training“ aim at the arising of Bodhicitta in our mind. In tibetan Buddhism it is known as „Lojong“ and contains instructions on how to cultivate and purify our mind. „Tonglen“, the practice of giving and taking is also part of these instructions.

The seven chapters are a basic summary of the view and the practice of Mahayana Buddhism. They include:
The groundwork: instructions on what supports dharma
The actual practice: training in bodhicitta
The transformation of adversity into the path of awakening
The utilization of the practice in one’s whole life
The extent of proficiency in mind training
Commitments of mind training
Guidelines for
mind training

In the course of two weekends Lama Öser will use Jamgön Kongtrul’s commentary on this classical text to explain how to overcome difficulties in our daily lives with an open heart and by using skilful means. Through this practice of awareness, we build a perfect foundation for our meditation and for balance in our daily lives.

Especially in our modern times there is so much restlessness and distractions. Mind training is a perfect method for those who want to live a spiritual life full of wisdom and compassion. The short slogans can be easily applied after receiving the appropriate teachings.

The suggested donation for the retreat is 150€. This is calculated to keep Gomde running throughout the year. If you wish to make a smaller offering, please just email us. If, at the same time, you feel generous and wish to offer more to Gomde, you are always welcome to help make another person’s retreat possible through your contribution.

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